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Seamless photo wallpaper

     Seamless photo wallpaper is a unique and designer's solution in most cases for creation of wall and ceiling decoration as a single seamless web. 

     The seamless wallpapers are delivered ready for pasting. The selected image is printed on a textural material and two types are offered: 

     Photo wallpapers in this version have no joints, are made as a single web and have special protection from domestic impacts. Their strength depends on the base and the thickness reaches up to 2 mm.

Seamless photo wallpapers made by us are: 

  • durable web without seams 
  • application of any favorite image  
  • a possibility to adjust the image or its single elements 
  • various textures of the web for choice 
  • environmental friendliness of the materials 
  • resistance to UV rays and abrasion 
  • easy to install 
  • promptness of manufacture and delivery 

Main features 

Seamless photo wallpapers on textile basis


Seamless photo wallpapers on interfacing basis

Smooth structure

maximum height - 3.1 m

maximum height - 3 m 

maximum length - 15 m 

maximum length  - 20 m

thickness of basis - 0.7 mm

maximum length  - 20 m

density of material - 290 g/m2

density of material - 250 g/m2

Awards and certificates

     The elegance and luxury of any interior can be created through proper choice of wallpapersThe assortment of photo wallpapers in the online store of Luxury Textile represents exclusive non-woven and textile seamless photo wallpapers. The wallpapers are manufactured as a solid product iindividual sizesThe collections of designs are unique and accord with various interior styles. You can buy ready-made photo wallpapers of certain size and pattern or make your personal order. Our company is the only manufacturer of such unique product in the whole territory of Ukraine. 

     The most creative non-woven seamless wallpapers have a lot of advantages. Nothing matters more than the use of environment-friendly materials in the manufacturing and it emphasizes their safety to health. They have perfect strength and hide the flaws and irregularities of the walls. Photo wallpapers do not absorb dust and "breathe", they are moisture-proof and heat-resistantand protect the walls from cracking. 

     If you have already decided to buy unique wallpapers in Luxury Textile, this will not take long because the order can be made online on the website. 

    Textile photo wallpapers are a popular type of seamless wallpapers too. Elite wallpapers are soft to the touch due to genuineness of cotton and linen, sophistication of silk. Modern European technologies for manufacturing of these photo wallpapers create the unity of cloth and uniqueness of patterning. They cover the entire room and are pleasing to the eye, adding pure taste to the apartments. 

     Textile seamless wallpapers are unique in the manufacturing technologyThe feature of the product is density of the material which ensures the longevity of the wallpaper for at least 20 years. They are very soft to the touch; the surface is embroidered with threads which change their structure and pattern when exposed to the light. The manufacturing technology of textile wallpapers has excellent acoustic properties, the wallpaper care is very simple  cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a sponge will be enough. 

     Luxury Textile presents the most beautiful and exclusive photo wallpapers in Ukraine. The company uses a new technology by European standards. You can buy photo wallpapers at the best prices only here as we are direct manufacturers. Delivery is made in a convenient way for you. 

     Our seamless wallpapers will delight you with a reasonable price, quality, durability and luxury!